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What to Bring to Camp RYLA

Appropriate Clothing

  • Shirts
  • Swimsuit & beach towel
  • Shorts or cut-offs
  • Long pants & sweats
  • Undergarments,socks, athletic shoes
  • Light jacket
  • Heavy jacket
  • Several long sleeved shirts or sweatshirts
  • Extra pair of shoes

Sleeping gear, etc.

  • Sleeping bag, pillow
  • Alarm clock
  • Sunscreen
  • Body soap & soapbox
  • Bath towel
  • Flashlight
  • Toiletries (hair brush, comb,tooth brush/paste, shampoo, chapstick, insect repellent, poison oak lotion, etc)


  • The mountains can be cold or warm – prepare for rain & sunshine.
  • Camp shirts will be given to you and will be worn for all major portions of each day. Pens and notebooks will also be provided.
  • Any MEDICATION you carry must be in containers bearing their prescription or, if over-the-counter medicine or vitamins, they must be in readily identifiable containers.
  • We encourage you to bring your musical instrument if you wish and your camera. We can provide safekeeping for these items or you may keep them in your room. Please identify these items so they can be returned if lost.

We suggest that:

  • You identify each garment with markings that do not come off when wet
  • You mark all other items in some manner
  • Cameras and musical instruments be marked in a permanent manner

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you leave cell phones, tablet computers, MP3 players, ear buds, etc. at home. These are five incredible days when you will have an opportunity to invest in your future without distractions. If you do bring them, you will be asked to give them to your counselor.
DO NOT BRING FOOD! There will be plenty!
DO NOT DRIVE YOUR OWN CAR! There is no parking available for campers’ cars. You will have to make arrangements to store your car offsite and arrange transportation to and from the camp. COME…ENJOY…LEARN…HAVE FUN…and go home wiser and happier.


What to Expect at Camp RYLA


gallery2-5By the time you arrive at Camp RYLA, you will have been assigned to a living unit and a counselor. Your living unit will include six to nine other young leaders like yourself. Before the week is over, you will probably enjoy a kinship with your group unlike any you have previously experienced. Your sponsoring Rotary Club is responsible for arranging your transportation to and from the camp. All students should plan on the following schedule: Arrive between 11:00am and 12:00pm on arrival day. Be sure you have already had lunch Depart shortly after 1:00pm on the last day No late arrivals or early departures are allowed.

If you do not plan to be picked up and/or dropped off at your home, be sure to arrange where you wish to be dropped off when you return from camp. You will be assigned to a cabin from which a cabin representative will be elected to the Camp Council.When you arrive at camp, it will beadvantageous for you to become familiar with as many of the other campers as possible so that you can vote intelligently for your cabin representative. The first evening, one delegate will be elected from each cabin. The Camp Council will meet the following day to begin its work. Hundreds of young men and women have preceeded you and many contunue to write that Camp RYLA was the highlight of their young lives. Expect to work hard, play hard, eat well and have a fun and enriching experience. When it is over, you will join the alumni in saying “Camp RYLA changed my life.


Emergency Contact Information


  • The telephone number for the Camp is 530-832-1086. Unless there is an emergency, please leave a message for the camper at the front desk to return your call. Phone calls should be kept to a minimum as they disrupt the camp’s schedule.
  • Outgoing calls are not feasible, except in emergencies
  • Please note: Campers are strongly advised NOT to bring disc players, earphones, cell phones or pagers. Such devices are very distracting to the campers and disruptive to the camp environment.
  • Phone messages will be taken by the Grizzly Creek staff. We suggest that all calls be made to the Camp Directors.
  • Outgoing mail is taken once daily. Incoming mail is discouraged because of the camp duration. Incoming mail should be addressed to the camper, c/o Camp RYLA, Grizzly Creek Ranch, 5900 Grizzly Road, Portola, CA 96122. Every effort will be made to deliver such mail.
  • Thank you for cooperating with the above suggestions.
  • If your camper has any special dietary needs or special accommodations, please indicate that on the Registration Form, to be completed by all campers and parents.


Camp Rules

  • All prescription drugs must be in the possession of the Camp Nurse and dispensed as needed.
  • No food of any kind permitted in the cabins. It attracts wildlife.
  • Camp T-shirt is to be worn at all times except for free time and evening activities
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs on the premises
  • Smoking is not permitted at any time on the premises.
  • Campers are not permitted off site at any time without an adult escort.
  • Campers must be present and ready to participate fully at all camp activities
  • Lights out at 11 pm