Guidelines for RYLA Chairs

  1. RYLA Club Reservation Forms. Each participant that you sponsor will cost your club $950 plus $85 for those clubs participating in the greater Sacramento bus transportation. Send the registration fee, along with the club reservation form, to the name and address listed on the reservation form. The deadline is March 15, 2023. The RYLA District Committee needs to have your reservation fee to pay certain expenses that occur before camp. More importantly, this will secure your club’s participant reservation(s). Please remember that the participant(s) must be either current juniors or seniors.
  2. Participant Selection Process. Contact the local High School administrators/counselors and ask for a list of potential participants (usually more than you will send). You may want to select the participants from your local Interact Club. These participants should be either current juniors or seniors, have good character, a reasonable scholastic record and be able to commit themselves to attend the entire week long program. Children of Rotarians are eligible.
  3. Selecting Candidates. Appoint a committee of Rotarians to interview and select candidates. Interviews are good learning experiences for students and Rotarians. A sample “participant/club” interview form is also available on this website.
  4. Participant Registration Forms. The Rotary Club is responsible for making sure that participants complete the online “participants registration” form which, upon completion, will be automatically transferred to the RYLA registrar. Please make sure all participants have completed registration by May 31.
  5. Working with participant to complete Participant Registration Form. Be sure your candidate understands he/she is sponsored by your Rotary Club. Supply them with the name, address, and phone number of your local RYLA Chairperson so when questions arise there is a source of local help.
  6. Arranging transportation to and from RYLA. It is your clubs responsibility to provide transportation to and from Camp for your participant(s). Your club must ensure volunteer drivers have current state driver’s licenses, and their automobile insurance is current and meets requirements of state law. We also recommend that if there is only one driver, there should be at least 2 participants in the vehicle. And we recommend that all wear masks. (If only 1 participant, there should be two adults). All participants must arrive at RYLA by 11:30am on the first day and be picked up by 1:00pm on the last day. Parents and/or adult guardian may bring their sons and/or daughters to RYLA.

Questions? Contact Steve Singer at (209) 518-2985