Appropriate Clothing

  • Shirts (Several T-shirts, Long Sleeved Shirts or Sweatshirts)
  • Swimsuit & Beach Towel
  • Active Wear Pants

  • Knee-Length Shorts for Ropes Course

  • Long Pants & Sweats
  • Undergarments, Socks, Athletic Shoes
  • Light Jacket
  • Heavy Jacket
  • Extra Pair of Shoes

Sleeping Gear, etc.

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Pillow

  • Alarm Clock
  • Sunscreen
  • Body Soap & Soapbox
  • Bath Towel
  • Flashlight
  • Toiletries (Hair Brush, Tooth Brush/Paste, Shampoo, Chapstick, Insect Repellent, Poison Oak Lotion, etc.)


  • The mountains can be cold or warm – prepare for rain & sunshine.
  • RYLA shirts will be given to you and will be worn for all major portions of each day. Pens and notebooks will also be provided.

  • Any MEDICATION you carry must be in containers bearing their prescription. If over-the-counter medicine or vitamins, they must be in readily identifiable containers.

We suggest that:

  • You identify each garment with markings that do not come off when wet.

  • You mark all other items in some manner.

  • Cameras and musical instruments be marked in a permanent manner.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you leave cell phones, tablet computers, MP3 players, ear buds, etc. at home. These are five incredible days when you will have an opportunity to invest in your future without distractions. If you do bring them, you will be asked to give them to your counselor.
Phones/ electronic devices will not be used during your week stay.

DO NOT BRING FOOD! There will be plenty!

DO NOT DRIVE YOUR OWN CAR! There is no parking available for participants’ cars. You will have to make arrangements to store your car offsite and arrange transportation to and from the camp.

COME…ENJOY…LEARN…HAVE FUN…and go home wiser and happier.


WEEK 1 JUNE 16 – 21
WEEK 2 JUNE 23 – 28